Tuesday, 9 February 2016

5 factors to help company growth

  1. Dynamism

You should not settle for a rigid business model. The speed of adaptation to change is critical to the success or failure of a company. Competition is increasing and how quickly companies adapt to changes in the business ecosystem will determine the success of their actions as a company.
The use of a BPM system with well defined Business Rules ensures that adaptations to changes are made almost instantly. A change in regulations could be a major headache for paperwork however with a BPMS, such changes are automated.

  1. Dinamismo ibpms
2. The Big Picture

All departments should work in unison, not solely focusing on their own work but seeing the bigger picture. The idea is to encourage participation among all members of the company to promote unification and achieve the end results. If everyone works with the same vision it will lead to greater productive development.
visión global ibpms

3. Technologization and technification

Technological integration is a common factor amongst startup companies. Indeed, the technological evolution is linked to our development and any company which chooses not to adopt new technologies will be left behind and will struggle to remain competitive.

4. Project confidence

It is vital to have a high level of confidence in the company, therefore projecting confidence, the momentum to achieve objectives, sincerity, respect for each and every person involved in the business and belief in their own projects are essential factors in the day-to-day running of every company.
Proyecion de confianza

5. Perseverance

Objectives are not always met, but we shouldn’t get disheartened. Indeed, we often learn valuable lessons from failure. Failing should be seen as good training and we should try again. It is all a question of reformulating ideas and insisting on the desired objective.
The adoption of intelligent analytic systems integrated in our business process management system can help us determine what went wrong and thus change these factors.


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