Saturday, 13 February 2016

How to Increase Customer Loyalty

Increasing the base of loyal customers is the most important and difficult question that is faced by businesses these days. Even the biggest of brands which claim to have highest recall value amongst its customers find it difficult to retain the customer loyalty and increase their base of loyal customers.
More often than not, companies especially the ones which are in the service industry where customer interface with the business is very high, tend to carry out numerous customer feedback surveys, without actually introspecting whether their processes and policies are customer friendly or not. Whether the employees are being groomed keeping in mind the need to provide the customers with the best and the most enthralling experience. Generally, there is a lack of focus towards getting into the nitty gritty’s of providing the customers an exceptional experience and providing the end users a ‘wow’ experience just remains a topic of discussion in meeting and training rooms. When it comes to actual implementation of all these things, all this talk of customer service goes out of the window.
The business houses need to realize that in today’s times, there are various alternatives which are available to a prospective customer, and with the advent of technology and innovation shifting of loyalties from one brand to the other can happen with a simple few clicks of the mouse. Keeping an existing customer happy is relatively easier and cheaper as compared to procuring or winning a new and loyal customer. In order to keep a check on the situation and ensure that there is minimum loss of existing and loyal customer base, exhaustive introspection of each and every minute detail must be carried out. Right from devising customer focused and friendly processes and policies to hiring the employees with a friendly and customer centric attitude and mindset, each and every aspect should be looked at with an eagle’s eye and an intention to correct the situation.
People leading these service organizations should realize that 8 out of 10 people would not take the hassle of complaining or pointing out a particular service issue to the management or people responsible for running the show. They would simply stop utilizing the services and shift their loyalties to another service provider. If one tends to come across feedback which points out that the service levels and product offerings are fine, then there seems to be trouble brewing behind the curtains. Since most of the people would not walk up to a service provider and point of their shortcomings or what he expects and where they have felt let down, they would simply try and divert or finish the matter with ‘fine’ remark.
This would mean that more often than not, the customer will not come back. Therefore, in an effort to increase customer loyalty; organizations should design their business plans and performance parameters by being in the customer shoes and try and analyze the customer’s needs and want and what are their expectations from them. Honest and an appropriate introspection would help in highlighting deficiencies which should be rectified in order to keep the existing base of loyal customers by providing them with an immaculate and ‘wow’ experience and alternatively also continuously strive to increase their base of loyal and satisfied customers.


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